Automatic Updates

Select your preferences for automatic updates by using the following options in the Updates section of settings:

  • Automatic Updates – Enables automatic updating of the software. If this option is checked, and it should be by default, the frequency of automatic updates can then be configured as follows:
    • Every [x] hour [x] min between [x] and [x] – At specified hour/minute intervals during selected time frames (e.g every 30 minutes between 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM). Default is every 1 hour between 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM.
    • Once a day at [x] – Run daily at a set time (e.g 1.00 PM).

You can start an immediate update of the software at any time by clicking the Update now link in the Overview section.

  • Don’t run automatic updates in Silent Mode – Prevents interruptions in resource intensive games and other full-screen programs such as movies, by ensuring that automatic updates don’t run if Silent Mode is active. Default setting is checked.

Update Settings

  • Update feed:
    • Stable – Select this option if you want to receive well-tested stable versions only (recommended). This is the default setting.
    • Beta – Select this option if you want to receive the latest untested software updates fresh from our development team. We recommend that only experienced users select this option, or when you are requested to do this for fault-finding purposes. Beta updates may still contain bugs and cause unpredictable problems.
    • Delayed – Select this option if you are an administrator who wants to serve your clients only stable versions that you have tested via the Stable feed. This option is useful for large enterprises which require internal software tests prior to updating their workstations.

If your Internet connection uses a Proxy Server then you can configure the corresponding settings such as server address and user information in the dialog displayed when you click the Proxy settings ‘Edit’ button in the Advanced settings section.

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