Run the connectivity test

To test if Defender for Endpoint on Linux can communicate to the cloud with the current network settings, run a connectivity test from the command line:


mdatp connectivity test

expected output:


Testing connection with https://cdn.x.cp.wd.microsoft.com/ping ... [OK]
Testing connection with https://eu-cdn.x.cp.wd.microsoft.com/ping ... [OK]
Testing connection with https://wu-cdn.x.cp.wd.microsoft.com/ping ... [OK]
Testing connection with https://x.cp.wd.microsoft.com/api/report ... [OK]
Testing connection with https://winatp-gw-cus.microsoft.com/test ... [OK]
Testing connection with https://winatp-gw-eus.microsoft.com/test ... [OK]
Testing connection with https://winatp-gw-weu.microsoft.com/test ... [OK]
Testing connection with https://winatp-gw-neu.microsoft.com/test ... [OK]
Testing connection with https://winatp-gw-ukw.microsoft.com/test ... [OK]
Testing connection with https://winatp-gw-uks.microsoft.com/test ... [OK]
Testing connection with https://eu-v20.events.data.microsoft.com/ping ... [OK]
Testing connection with https://us-v20.events.data.microsoft.com/ping ... [OK]
Testing connection with https://uk-v20.events.data.microsoft.com/ping ... [OK]
Testing connection with https://v20.events.data.microsoft.com/ping ... [OK]

If the connectivity test fails, check if the device has Internet access and if any of the endpoints required by the product are blocked by a proxy or firewall.

Failures with curl error 35 or 60, indicate certificate pinning rejection. Please check if the connection is under SSL or HTTPS inspection. If so, add Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to the allow list.

Troubleshooting steps for environments without proxy or with transparent proxy

To test that a connection is not blocked in an environment without a proxy or with a transparent proxy, run the following command in the terminal:


curl -w ' %{url_effective}\n' 'https://x.cp.wd.microsoft.com/api/report' 'https://cdn.x.cp.wd.microsoft.com/ping'

The output from this command should be similar to:


OK https://x.cp.wd.microsoft.com/api/report
OK https://cdn.x.cp.wd.microsoft.com/ping

Troubleshooting steps for environments with static proxy


PAC, WPAD, and authenticated proxies are not supported. Ensure that only a static proxy or transparent proxy is being used.

SSL inspection and intercepting proxies are also not supported for security reasons. Configure an exception for SSL inspection and your proxy server to directly pass through data from Defender for Endpoint on Linux to the relevant URLs without interception. Adding your interception certificate to the global store will not allow for interception.

If a static proxy is required, add a proxy parameter to the above command, where proxy_address:port correspond to the proxy address and port:


curl -x http://proxy_address:port -w ' %{url_effective}\n' 'https://x.cp.wd.microsoft.com/api/report' 'https://cdn.x.cp.wd.microsoft.com/ping'

Ensure that you use the same proxy address and port as configured in the /lib/system/system/mdatp.service file. Check your proxy configuration if there are errors from the above commands.

To set the proxy for mdatp, use the following command:


mdatp config proxy set --value http://address:port 

Upon success, attempt another connectivity test from the command line:


mdatp connectivity test

If the problem persists, contact customer support.

Source : Official Microsoft Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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