Applies to Sophos Home for Windows

What’s happening

Sophos Home detects another Antivirus software (or leftovers of it) is installed on the system and shows the following message:

Third party antivirus
Running two antivirus programs can reduce your security. For maximum protection, we suggest you uninstall <antivirus name> Antivirus.


More information regarding running Sophos Home alongside other AVs:
Can I use Sophos Home with my other security or antivirus software?

What to do

There are 2 actions required:
1 – Removing the third party software

2 – Dismissing the alert after removal 

Ensure the third party antivirus has been removed from the computer. If needed, contact their support teams for assistance (some antivirus software requires a removal tool to fully uninstall. You may search the vendor’s site for removal instructions).

Find Removal Instructions by Vendor

Removing the alert from Sophos Home:

Once you have completed removing the third party antivirus, click on the to dismiss the message in Sophos Home:


Source : Official Sophos Brand
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