Applies to: Sophos Home macOS 11 – Big Sur

What’s happening

You are prompted to allow SophosWebNetworkExtension / SophosNetworkExtension (if running 10.0.4a1) system extension to add proxy configurations after installing Sophos Home.

This extension must be allowed to provide the functionality of Sophos Home’s Web protection features like Web Filtering.


Video steps:

Note: If this system extension is not allowed initially, upon reboot you will be asked to allow it once again. If you are concerned about your data privacy see: Sophos Home Privacy Policy

Note 2: This extension will appear in your launchpad as: SophosWebNetworkExtension [SophosNetworkExtension if running 10.0.4 or later]. No action is required , you do not need to run it manually.

Source : Official Sophos Brand
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