The Password Safe is an Intercept X for Mobile feature that allows iOS/Android users to manage all of their passwords in one place, secured by a master password and (optional) a key.
The key would be the equivalent of a real life key, which is required to launch the application and access the password database. Users can opt to use a key, or just a master password.

Step by step setup:

  1.  Launch Intercept X for Mobile on your device
  2. Tap on the 3 lines at the top left to access additional features and tap Password safe
    Note: If importing previous settings tap Import Password Safe file (refer to this video)
  3. Tap Create Password Safe File 
  4. Choose a name for your safe, as well as a Master Password and/or key file (optional)
  5. (OPTIONAL STEP)If desired, tap Use key file (the key file can be stored locally, or in a cloud location for additional safety), (if you lose your key, you won’t be able to recover the safe).
    Note: Users can  choose to set a Master Password AND a key file at the same time, which will then require both be present to unlock the safe.
  6. Tap Create
  7. You can now start adding entries to your Safe to keep your passwords in one place.
  8. (OPTIONAL STEP) To enable fingerprint login exit the safe and re-launch it, check the Allow fingerprint login box. You can now unlock your safe by using your fingerprint instead of a password or key.
  9. For additional information regarding how to setup new entries, generate passwords and more, please take a look at the Password safe documentation
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Video steps to restore a password safe database:

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