Applies to: Sophos Home users running macOS Beta versions

Sophos Home is compatible with the latest stable versions of macOS. Using a non-stable/beta version may trigger unexpected issues.  Please, see Related information at the bottom of this article for the exact system requirements for installing Sophos Home on a Mac computer.

What does Sophos Home recommend for macOS beta users

New macOS beta versions may add changes to the system which may render applications unusable until said changes are made available to developers for review/problem fix. As such, we do not typically support beta versions, however, we welcome any feedback customers may have regarding the latest betas and changes to behavior (which can be reported via your Sophos Home Dashboard ).

If customers wish to join the beta program for macOS, we recommend that they perform a full backup of their Mac so that a rollback can be done if issues are encountered.

Please, keep in mind that beta versions are not stable and may introduce new issues/changes that can affect software functionality, including Sophos Home’s ability to properly work with the Mac.
For more information regarding Apple Beta Software and how to submit feedback to Apple, please visit the below-listed link:

Apple Beta Software Program – FAQ

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