Applies to Sophos Home for Windows and MacOS

This article covers how to troubleshoot situations in which Sophos Home is installed on a Windows or MacOS device but does not appear on the Sophos Home Dashboard.   


The usual causes for a computer not showing in the Sophos Home dashboard are:

1. The Sophos Home software has been installed using an old installer. 
2. You are accessing the Sophos Home dashboard for a different account than the one that the software was installed under.
3. The computer information was removed manually from the Sophos Home Dashboard.
4. You have used an account-less download instead of downloading Sophos Home from your existing dashboard. 

The below listed solutions cover how to solve the problem, based on specific scenarios. 


Note: If the computer has been manually removed from the Sophos Home dashboard, follow these steps to remove and re-install Sophos Home on the computer: How to re-install Sophos Home

Scenario 1 – Sophos Home Free/Trial has been recently upgraded to Premium

If you have recently purchased Sophos Home Premium and your previously installed Sophos Home version still reads free, please review the following:

  • The dashboard used to download and install Sophos Home must read Premium (otherwise, you may be using a different email address). If you purchased the product using a different email account than the one you were already using, follow these steps to remove Sophos Home and re-install it using the Premium dashboard: How to re-install Sophos Home
  • If you wish to swap your Sophos Home premium license to a different email address, please contact Sophos Home Support for assistance.
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Scenario 2 and 4- Sophos Home has been recently installed but doesn’t show up on the Dashboard

When installing Sophos Home, ensure the following:

  • You are using the correct Sophos Home dashboard (the installed application depends on the dashboard from which the installer was downloaded)
  • If you have an existing account, ensure you are not using the account-less download 
  • A new installer has been downloaded. Re-using previous installers may cause problems such as error messages if the installer is too old, or devices not showing up in the dashboard if the old installer/incorrect installer was used. Always ensure to download a new installer from the dashboard when protecting/re-protecting a device: Downloading the Sophos Home installer

Scenario 3 – Sophos Home has been re-installed but there were prior installation/uninstallation errors AND/OR the above scenarios did not fix the issue

If you received a specific error when installing/uninstalling Sophos Home, you will need to address it to ensure proper functionality.  The above listed article covers the main uninstallation/installation steps. For specific scenarios, please refer to our knowledge base section: Fix Installation/uninstallation issues

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