Applies to: Sophos Home for macOS

When running the Sophos Installer.app, you receive a message stating:  “The application “Sophos  Installer.app” can’e be opened.”



This issue happens when the Internet browser is not configured to automatically open safe files for downloading, and a third-party software is preferred to use in extracting archived folders such as Keka, Entropy, and iZip. The installer files are created with the incorrect permissions when they are decompressed. If the files are unable to run, the installer will fail to launch.

Note: If you are trying to install Sophos on a mobile device, please see Sophos Intercept X for Mobile – Guide for Sophos Home customers instead.


There are two ways to solve this issue:

Option 1 – Decompress SophosInstall.zip using the OSX’s built-in archive utility.

  1. Open the Finder and locate SophosInstall.zip.
  2. Delete the existing SophosInstall folder.
  3. Right-click SophosInstall.zip and select Open With > Archive Utility.
  4. Re-run the Sophos Installer, located inside the newly created SophosInstall folder.

Option 2 – Manually modify the permissions on the Sophos Installer files.

Open the terminal and type the follow commands, one at a time, pressing enter after each:

cd <directory where the SophosInstall.zip is saved>
unzip SophosInstall.zip
cd SophosInstall
find “Sophos Installer.app” 
f –exec chmod a+x "{}" \

Go back to the SophosInstall folder that has been unzipped, and double click on Sophos Installer.app to run the installer.

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