Set the product to exclude files or folders from scanning.

Note: The Exclude folders and files feature applies only to client versions 17.7 and newer.

To set up scanning exclusions:

    1. Under Profiles > Computer Protection for Mac, select a profile.

The Profile for Computer Protection opens.

    1. From the sidebar, select General settings.
    2. Under Exclude folders and files from all security scans, select the Add exclusion link.
    3. In the Path column, add a path to the file or folder that you want to exclude.

Folders and files that are in the specified path are excluded from all security scans and measures, and are not protected by F-Secure. This applies to any subfolders within the designated folders. For example, /Users/*/folder-to-exclude/* excludes everything that is found in “folder-to-exclude” for all the users.

Important: Use this only for files or folders that absolutely must be excluded from scanning. For example, if you exclude /* from scanning, the whole system volume and all folders, subfolders, and files in it are excluded from all security measures.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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