Both Windows and Linux authenticated scanning is supported on Linux scan nodes.

Windows authenticated scanning is supported using WinRM. Select the Specify credentials explicitly option when creating the system scan template.

For Linux authenticated scanning, you need to set up the encryption keys to transfer the credentials securely. For more information, see Preparation steps.

    1. Run the following commands to apply a previously generated private key, saved as ./private_key.pem:

      Note: Replace NameOfTheKeyPair with the name of your encryption keys from the Elements Security Center.

cd /opt/f-secure/radar-scannodeagent
sudo dotnet ScanNodeAgent.dll add-private-key NameOfTheKeyPair ./private_key.pem

To list all encryption keys, run the following command:cd /opt/f-secure/radar-scannodeagent
sudo dotnet ScanNodeAgent.dll list-private-keys

To remove an existing key, run the following command:cd /opt/f-secure/radar-scannodeagent
sudo dotnet ScanNodeAgent.dll remove-private-key NameOfTheKeyPair

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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