The Samples submission system is an intelligent ThreatSense.Net technology that collects infected objects that have been detected by advanced heuristics and delivers them to the samples submission system server. All virus samples collected by the sample submission system will be processed by the ESET virus laboratory and if necessary, added to the ESET virus signature database.

NOTE: According to our license agreement, by enabling the sample submission system you are agreeing to allow the computer and/or platform on which the esets_daemon is installed to collect data (which may include personal information about you and/or other users of the computer) and samples of newly detected viruses or other threats and send them to ESET virus laboratory. This feature is disabled by default. All information collected will be used only to analyze new threats and will not be used for any other purpose.

In order to enable sampling, the samples submission system cache must be initialized. This can be achieved by selecting ‘samples_enabled’ in the [global] section of the ESETS configuration file.

For more information on the Samples Submission System and its options, please refer to the esets_daemon(8) mane page.

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