Remote Access Blocker prevents you from falling victim to phone scams while using online banking services.

Fraudsters call thousands of random users daily and try to scam them through social engineering. Remote access scams have become a more and more widespread method of cheating money out of internet users.

There are various ways how these impostors try to scam you. For example, they come up with some excuse to get you to install remote access tool software on your computer. They pretend to be from a legit company, such as Microsoft, or for example from your local operator support, and they inform you that your device has an infection. Through the remote access, they show you virus infection notifications and then try to sell you completely bogus security software. Also, once they have access to your device, they may ask you to login to your bank.

I got a warning about a potential scam while doing my online banking?

During your online banking session, you may get a warning notification saying that someone is trying to access your device remotely. Remote Access Blocker adds yet another layer of protection to your online banking sessions. If it detects an active remote access connection to your device while Banking protection is active, Remote Access Blocker immediately disrupts the connection.

What do I need to do if the warning pops up?

Once the warning notification is shown:

  • No need to panic. You are safe. Banking protection has disconnected any active remote access to your device.
  • If you are on the phone with someone, hang up the phone. Don’t fall for a phone scam. Always when you receive an unsolicited phone call, be extra precautious. For more information about phone scams, see topic “Phone scams and what to do if you think you are targeted”.
  • If you are unsure of the caller’s intentions, simply close the banking session tab or the entire web browser.
  • You can always run a full computer scan to help detect any applications that may have been installed by the scammer.

What if I really need to grant someone a remote access to my device?

All of us are not that tech savvy and sometimes we end up in a situation where we need technical assistance from an expert. If you temporarily want to grant access to your device to someone, such as a technical support agent, make sure that the support request was initiated by you. Only then turn off Remote Access Blocker to allow the installation of a remote access tool needed by the technical support agent. To find out how to turn off Remote Access Blocker, see topic “Turning on Banking Protection”.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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