If you just bought or got a Microsoft 365 subscription or a non-subscription version of Office such as Office 2019 there could be some things you need to do before you install or activate the Office apps.

Select your options from below:

Redeem a product key and install the apps

If you just bought Office and have a physical package, the first thing to do is redeem the product key included with the packaging.

Or, if you bought Office through an online retailer, you may have received the product key via email or it’s written on your receipt.

To redeem this key go to setup.office.com and sign in with an existing Microsoft account or create a new one.

You only need to redeem this key once.

Learn more

Shows the location of the product key in the product box and on the product key card.

Shows the buttons for signing in or creating a new account.

Activate Office

Shows the "Sign in to set up Office" page that might appear after you install Office

If you’ve already redeemed a product key and Office is installed, the next step is to launch an Office app and follow the prompts to activate.

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