Symptoms: You may come across this issue when you open Quick Heal dashboard; may observe below issue whereas Quick Heal was working fine earlier and the issue has started suddenly:

Quick Heal dashboard shows, System is not secure. Virus Protection is turned off. Click Resolve Now to fix the problem”.

Causes: This issue basically occurs due to corruption in core engine files of Quick Heal. There are various reasons which causes in corruption like as below:


  • Sudden termination/interruption of Update process.
  • System specific issue, such as abrupt system restart due to sudden power failure could be one of reason behind sudden termination/interruption of update process.
  • System restore may cause restoration of stale files of Quick Heal may resulting mismatch with the set of core engine files.

How do I troubleshoot the issue?

1. Open Dashboard of Quick Heal, click on “Resolve Now” and verify the issue.

2. If same issue, press Windows+R button on keyboard together, you will get ‘Run’ window; type services.msc and click OK as below:

3. Check status of Online Protection System” service and start it if it is stopped as below. To start the service click on “Start” option:

4. If same issue, Click on Windows Start Menu and type CMD in Search windows.

5. Right click on Search result for CMD and click on Run As Administrator.

You will get a black command prompt windows as below:


6. Type fltmc load catflt as below and hit Enter:

7. Repeat steps 1,2,3,4 and verify the issue.

8. Even if the same issue after following the above steps, press Windows+R button on keyboard together, you will get ‘Run’ window; type Quickup.exe  /rollback. Wait for some time, restart the system and verify the issue.

Source : Official Quick Heal Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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