Tracking protection ensures privacy while you browse the web and use apps.

When you go to a web site or use an app that tries to track you, FREEDOME VPN hides your IP address, blocks tracking cookies and prevents apps from sending information about you to data collection sites.

Tracking protection removes all cookies set by known advertising networks, preventing the ad networks from tracking individual visitors from site to site. It also prevents all HTTP traffic from and to what F-Secure’s reputation analysis identifies as a tracking domain, and forces the “Do Not Track” header on for all browsing.

Some of your browsing happens over encrypted communications (HTTPS/TLS/SSL), and in those cases FREEDOME VPN cannot decrypt the communications and remove the tracking cookies.

FREEDOME VPN does not block anything going from your browser to the site you’re visiting, as for example blocking cookies from the site you visit easily breaks login sessions, stored preferences and other valuable features. In addition, FREEDOME VPN does not block any tracking from HTTPS traffic because that would require a man-in-the-middle attack against the HTTPS, and the related security risks outweigh the possible privacy gains.

The anti-tracking statistics in FREEDOME VPN currently only show the total amount of web (HTTP) requests that were either blocked or had their cookies filtered to prevent tracking. We are not able to provide more accurate data about what was blocked to our users since we do not log any traffic for privacy reasons. However, you can use FREEDOME VPN’s Tracker Mapper to see how you are being tracked. Tracker Mapper allows you to temporarily log visited web sites to see how they are tracking you.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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