To onboard devices without Internet access, you’ll need to take the following general steps:


The steps below are applicable only to devices running previous versions of Windows such as: Windows Server 2016 and earlier or Windows 8.1 and earlier.


  • An OMS gateway server cannot be used as proxy for disconnected Windows or Windows Server devices when configured via ‘TelemetryProxyServer’ registry or GPO.
  • For Windows or Windows Server – while you may use TelemetryProxyServer, it must point to a standard proxy device or appliance.
  • In addition, Windows or Windows Server in disconnected environments must be able to update Certificate Trust Lists offline via an internal file or web server.
  • For more information about updating CTLs offline, see Configure a file or web server to download the CTL files.

For more information about onboarding methods, see the following articles:

On-premises devices

Onboard previous versions of Windows

  • Offline devices in the same network of Azure Log Analytics
    • Configure MMA to point to:
      • Azure Log Analytics IP as a proxy
      • Defender for Endpoint workspace key & ID

Azure virtual machines

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