myESET connects multiple features to help you navigate and get the most out of your ESET products for homes.

myESET provides the following features and applications:

Devices64x64icon Devices – device management

Device management allows you to access information about devices with ESET products connected to your myESET account or devices that were activated by licenses managed by your account. As well as deactivate your ESET product on a device.

•Device management – Online Help

Licences64x64icon Licenses – licenses management

In Licenses, you can see essential information regarding each license, flags indicating its status, as well as the license expiration date, number of activated devices and if applicable, license overuse or expired license warnings. Sharing a license with other users is possible.

•Licenses management – Online Help

AntiTheft-64x65-shaded ESET Anti-Theft

ESET Anti-Theft is a specialized feature of ESET security products for home users. ESET Anti-Theft uses technologies such as geographical IP address lookup, web camera image capture, user account protection, and device monitoring that may help you and a law enforcement organization locate your laptop or mobile device if it is ever lost or stolen. ESET Anti-Theft connects your ESET product with the myESET portal to let you see the activity taking place on your computer or mobile device in a web browser on any device, making it easier to track down.

ESET Anti-Theft is not available as a standalone application, but as a feature in the following products:

•ESET Smart Security Premium (Windows)

Discover More help  [KB6968] Required user permission sets for tasks in ESET Security Management Center (7.x), ESET PROTECT (8.x) and ESET PROTECT Cloud

•ESET Internet Security (Windows)

•ESET Mobile Security (Android)

ESET Anti-Theft – Online Help

ParentalControl120-shaded ESET Parental Control

ESET Parental Control web service works as an addition to the ESET Parental Control app that protects children from threats on their smartphones and tablets. The application itself is a standalone Android app completely integrated with myESET so that parents can monitor and adjust their child’s online activity not just from the ESET Parental Control app but also from any web browser by signing in to their myESET account.

•ESET Parental Control – Online Help

paswordManager120-shaded ESET Password Manager

ESET Password Manager is part of the ESET Smart Security Premium package. It is a password manager that protects and stores your passwords and personal data. It also includes a form completion feature that saves your time by completing web forms automatically and accurately. Add a password store to your email or to your family and friend’s emails. ESET Password Manager handles all your added password stores.

ESET Password Manager is available as an app for iOS and Android and as a browser extension.

•ESET Password Manager – Online Help


To access myESET portal features, you need to create a myESET account.

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