Microsoft Threat Experts is a managed threat hunting service that provides your Security Operation Centers (SOCs) with expert level monitoring and analysis to help them ensure that critical threats in your unique environments don’t get missed.

This managed threat hunting service provides expert-driven insights and data through these two capabilities: targeted attack notification and access to experts on demand.

Before you begin


Discuss the eligibility requirements with your Microsoft Technical Service provider and account team before you apply to the managed threat hunting service.

If you’re a Microsoft Defender for Endpoint customer, you need to apply for Microsoft Threat Experts – Targeted Attack Notifications to get special insights and analysis that help identify the most critical threats in your environment so you can respond to them quickly.

To enroll to Microsoft Threat Experts – Targeted Attack Notifications benefits, go to Settings > Endpoints > General > Advanced features > Microsoft Threat Experts – Targeted Attack Notifications to apply. Once accepted, you will get the benefits of Targeted Attack Notifications.

Contact your account team or Microsoft representative to subscribe to Microsoft Threat Experts – Experts on Demand to consult with our threat experts on relevant detections and adversaries that your organization is facing.

See Configure Microsoft Threat Experts capabilities for details.

Microsoft Threat Experts – Targeted attack notification

Microsoft Threat Experts – Targeted attack notification provides proactive hunting for the most important threats to your network, including human adversary intrusions, hands-on-keyboard attacks, or advanced attacks like cyber-espionage. These notifications shows up as a new alert. The managed hunting service includes:

  • Threat monitoring and analysis, reducing dwell time and risk to the business
  • Hunter-trained artificial intelligence to discover and prioritize both known and unknown attacks
  • Identifying the most important risks, helping SOCs maximize time and energy
  • Scope of compromise and as much context as can be quickly delivered to enable fast SOC response.

Microsoft Threat Experts – Experts on Demand

Customers can engage our security experts directly from within Microsoft Defender Security Center for timely and accurate response. Experts provide insights needed to better understand the complex threats affecting your organization, from alert inquiries, potentially compromised devices, root cause of a suspicious network connection, to additional threat intelligence regarding ongoing advanced persistent threat campaigns. With this capability, you can:

  • Get additional clarification on alerts including root cause or scope of the incident
  • Gain clarity into suspicious device behavior and next steps if faced with an advanced attacker
  • Determine risk and protection regarding threat actors, campaigns, or emerging attacker techniques

The option to Consult a threat expert is available in several places in the portal so you can engage with experts in the context of your investigation:

  • Help and support menu

    Screenshot of MTE-EOD menu option.

  • Device page actions menu

    Screenshot of MTE-EOD device page action menu option.

  • Alerts page actions menu

    Screenshot of MTE-EOD alert page action menu option.

  • File page actions menu

    Screenshot of MTE-EOD file page action menu option.


If you would like to track the status of your Experts on Demand cases through Microsoft Services Hub, reach out to your Technical Account Manager.

Watch this video for a quick overview of the Microsoft Services Hub.

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