Use the following resources to help you learn about, deploy, and support Microsoft Defender for Identity for your organization.

To do this … …do this:
See our most popular documentation Read the top 10 pages:
– What is Defender for Identity?
– Defender for Identity prerequisites
– Defender for Identity architecture
– Defender for Identity capacity planning
Creating an instance
Understanding security alerts
Defender for Identity security alerts
Investigate a computer
Investigate a user
Investigate a lateral movement path
Engage with the product team and your peers Visit the Tech Community for Defender for Identity.
Check subscription information and get a list of which features are supported See subscription information and the feature list from the Defender for Identity website.

Information about new releases and updates

For an up-to-date list of newly released features and recent changes in Defender for Identity, check out What’s new in Defender for Identity.

Support options and community resources

This section provides information about support, troubleshooting options, and community resources.

To contact Microsoft Support:

If you have Premier Support, visit the portal for Premier Support customers to submit incidents, browse solutions, and get help.

For other customers, use the support channels as follows:

  1. If you are in the Defender for Identity Portal, select the “?” icon in the top navigation bar. If you are in the Azure portal, skip to step 3.
  2. Select Support. This will open the Azure portal Help + support page.
  3. Select Create a support request.
  4. In the box What is your issue related to?, choose Enterprise Mobility + Security services.
  5. Enter a summary of your issue in the Summary box. For Issue type, choose Technical.
  6. Under Service type, choose Microsoft Defender for Identity.
  7. Continue to fill out the details related to your support request.
  8. For Support plan, make sure that one of the two following options is selected:
    • Subscription with technical support included. You see this option if you have a paid or trial subscription for Azure.
    • Technical support included. You see this option if you don’t have an Azure subscription.

For more support options, ask your Microsoft contact.

Self help

System status page

To view system status for Defender for Identity, visit the System status page. This page gives you information as to if the Defender for Identity portal is up and active, if there are issues with detections and if the Sensor can send traffic to the cloud. You can access the System status from the Defender for Identity menu bar.


Community resources

We recommend the tech community group for Defender for Identity. This resource provides direct responses from the Defender for Identity team in addition to the benefit of shared experiences and knowledge from other administrators and consultants.

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