Microsoft’s portfolio of security products has grown vastly over the last few years. We’re making the next step in our Extended Detection and Response (XDR) journey and are bringing together these best-in-class security products to enable cross-domain analysis and holistic response from a single dashboard. We’re now striving to provide a unified administration and operating experience for our products to fully unlock the value of them working together. This will help improve efficiency within security operations and help keep organizations more secure. This has already started with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Defender for Office 365.

Microsoft Defender for Identity already contributes identity focused information into the incidents and alerts that Microsoft 365 Defender presents. This information is key to providing context and correlating alerts from the other products within Microsoft 365 Defender.

We’re further developing the XDR experience by introducing Defender for Identity features, functions, and capabilities to Microsoft 365 Defender where you’ll see more detailed investigations and analysis, as well as perform complete resolution and response from a single place.

The timelines for the individual features relating to this project can be tracked on the public Microsoft 365 roadmap.

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