McAfee Security and the older McAfee Mobile Security products, protect your mobile devices and personal data from cyberthreats, unsecured networks, and malicious apps.

These two McAfee apps support most of the commonly used Android versions available on several devices. But because customized versions of Android are installed on certain devices, some McAfee features are restricted. These custom operating systems are often called Customized ROMs.

Affected devices and operating systems are shown below:

Device Manufacturer Android-Based Custom Operating System
Oppo Color OS
Huawei EMUI
Xiaomi MIUI
OnePlus OxygenOS

NOTE: The limitations might not be limited to the list shown above. We’ll update this list as we discover more issues with Android-based custom operating systems.


You might see the following issues on devices running Android-based custom operating systems:

  • McAfee Security/Mobile Security app installation fails
  • McAfee Security/Mobile Security app becomes unresponsive

Features that might be impacted because of an Android-based custom operating system:

  • Safe Web
  • Widget
  • Secure App Lock
  • Guest Mode

NOTE: To learn more about the features, visit the McAfee Mobile Security for Android webpage

This issue occurs when you use an Android-based custom operating system.

Android is a highly customizable operating system that enables developers to configure it according to their requirements. Device manufacturers can customize the Android features or user interface, and provide the result as an Android-based custom operating system.

The customization made can restrict or impact features of certain apps. With McAfee security apps on Android, it might result in the issues shown above.

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Always make sure that you’re running the latest system software provided by your device manufacturer. Some limitations might be resolved when device manufacturers update their custom versions of Android.

If you have an issue that you think is caused by the custom version of Android on your device, connect with our Support Team to let us know.

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