In 2021, the new McAfee Security app is replacing McAfee Mobile Security (MMS) for both iOS and Android.
Interface showing scan complete and Secure VPN enabled
The new McAfee Security app is a privacy, security, and identity protection product that provides always-on, and up-to-date protection for your personal data and privacy.

These features allow you to live and work with confidence in an always-connected world. To learn more about the new McAfee Security app, visit the McAfee Security microsite.

We’ve also answered some common questions, below:

  • Are there any feature and subscription changes in the new McAfee Security app?
    Yes, McAfee Security has a slightly different set of features when compared to McAfee Mobile Security. There are also some changes to the subscription plans.

  • What features are included in the new McAfee Security app?  
    The features available include:

    • Anti-virus (Android-only) – Our traditional Anti-virus scanner that scans your device for malicious files, apps, and other threats. We’ll fix things automatically for you, and recommend steps that you can take to remain virus free.
    • System Scan (iOS-only) – Policy restrictions from Apple don’t allow anti-virus scanners on iOS devices. So we provide a System Scanner that informs you about any required operating system updates, and alerts you to vulnerabilities that your device is exposed to. System Scan helps you to fix any vulnerabilities that it identifies.
    • Secure VPN – is a customizable Virtual Private Network (VPN) feature that lets you browse the internet, communicate, and make financial transactions securely.
      To learn more about the VPN, see TS103099 – What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?
    • Safe Browsing – Cybercriminals create fake and malicious websites that try to grab your passwords, credit card details, and other private info. ​Safe Browsing works in your mobile browser to identify and block these malicious websites before they cause problems.
    • Identity Protection Service – is a security feature that scans the dark web for stolen emails and other forms personal information that might be for sale. If your details are found in the dark web, McAfee Security helps you secure and recover your compromised accounts.
      To learn more about the dark web, see TS103098 – What is the dark web?
    • Wi-Fi Scan – The Wi-Fi scan feature makes sure that your network’s encryption is secure, and that your private information is shielded from any hackers.
NOTE: More features are being added over time. We’ll update this article as we make these new features available.
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  • How do I know if I have the new McAfee Security app?
    To see if you have the new app, just check the version number. Here’s how:

    1. Open your McAfee app.
    2. Open the Settings menu, then look under About Us.
      • If the version number is 6.x for either Android, or iOS, you have the new McAfee Security app.
      • If the version number is 5.x for either Android or iOS, you have the older McAfee Mobile Security app.

        NOTE: McAfee Security is being updated on different dates for different countries during 2021. To learn when your app will be updated, see the PDF attachment in TS103165 – Changes to McAfee Mobile Security (July – September 2021).

Source : Official McAfee Brand
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