On the Assets page, you can add tags to assets and remove tags from them.

To add or remove tags related to an asset or assets:

    1. On the Assets page, select the checkbox of the asset (or assets) whose tags you want to manage.

The action bar appears at the bottom of the page.

  1. Select Manage tags from the action bar.
  2. If you want to add tags to the assets:
    1. Select Add the following tags to assets and select Next.
    2. Click the field and either select an existing tag from the tags list displayed or enter a new tag to add it to the assets and select Add.
  3. If you want to remove tags from the assets:
    1. Select Remove the following tags from assets and select Next.
    2. Click the field and, from the tags list displayed, select the tag that you want to remove from the assets, and then select Remove.

Note: You can add tags to an individual asset also through the Asset details page.

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