Learn answers to frequently asked questions about Malwarebytes on Android devices. This article covers a range of topics about license key activation, upgrade issues, and purchase options.

Malwarebytes Premium Trial questions

What happens when my Malwarebytes Premium Trial expires on my Android device?

You can continue using Malwarebytes Free on Android, but the free version only offers an on-demand anti-malware scanner. Other features, such as the advanced ransomware scanner and heuristics scanner, are not available in Malwarebytes Free. To upgrade to Malwarebytes Premium, purchase a license key from the Malwarebytes website or purchase Malwarebytes from the Google Play Store.

Malwarebytes license key questions

If I buy a subscription using Malwarebytes on my Android device, do I get a license key?

If you purchase a subscription for Malwarebytes Premium using the Malwarebytes app on Android devices, this is an in-app purchase. In-app purchases do not receive a license key, but they are registered to your Google Play Account. Malwarebytes Premium on Android devices uses your Google Play Account to verify your purchase.

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I have an old license for Malwarebytes. Can I activate Malwarebytes Premium on my Android device using my license?

Yes, if you purchased a Malwarebytes license key for only a Windows device in the past, you can use your number of available devices to activate Malwarebytes Premium on Windows, Android, and macOS devices. Refer to One license key for Windows, Android, and macOS devices  for more information.

Can I use my Lifetime license to get Malwarebytes Premium on my Android device?

Lifetime licenses were discontinued as of March 2014 and can only be used to activate Malwarebytes Premium on a Windows device. To activate Malwarebytes Premium on Android devices, purchase a license key from the Malwarebytes website or purchase Malwarebytes from the Google Play Store.

Malwarebytes on multiple Android devices

How many Android devices can I protect with one subscription?

If you purchased a subscription using Malwarebytes on an Android device, the subscription can be used on any Android device, as long as they have the same Google Play Account.

What if I want to protect multiple devices that use different Google Play Accounts?

We suggest purchasing license keys from the Malwarebytes website if you wish to protect multiple Android devices with different Google Play Accounts. The Malwarebytes website requires the customer to choose how many devices they want to protect. Each option offers a different number of license keys for use on your Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

Malwarebytes Premium upgrade issues

I used Malwarebytes on my Android to buy a subscription. Why won’t Malwarebytes upgrade to Premium?

Reboot your Android device to activate Malwarebytes Premium. Malwarebytes should upgrade to Premium automatically, and it may help to turn your Android device off and on.

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To verify you have Malwarebytes Premium on Android:

  1. Open Malwarebytes.
  2. Tap the menu icon.
  3. Scroll down to General.
  4. Tap Premium features.
  5. Look for a Your Premium subscription is active! message, as shown below.


How do I get a refund for a license key?

Contact Malwarebytes Support for a refund of your purchase. All purchases have a 60-day guarantee.

What if I purchased a subscription through Malwarebytes on my Android device?

Contact Malwarebytes Support and provide your Google Play order number. You can use the instructions in our article to submit a refund request for Malwarebytes on Android.

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