The Scanning settings in Malwarebytes for Android and Chrome OS allow you to enable or disable certain types of scan, and to schedule scans. To view this screen in the Malwarebytes app, tap the Menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen, then tap Settings, then Scanning. Features relating to schedule scans found on this screen only apply to Malwarebytes Premium subscribers.

Explanation of each setting is as follows:

  • Scan after reboot: If checked, Malwarebytes performs a full scan immediately after your device is rebooted. If unchecked, no scan occurs on device reboot.
  • Scan after update: If checked, a full system scan occurs after each protection update. If unchecked, protection updates won’t trigger scans.
  • Use deep scanning during full scan: If checked, full scans use additional deep scanning rules. Scan times will increase, but scans will be able to detect additional items.
  • Power saving scans: If checked, Malwarebytes will not run scheduled scans if your device battery is low or if the device is in power save mode.
  • Perform scans during charge only: If checked, Malwarebytes only runs scheduled scans when your device is charging.
  • Scheduled scans: If checked, Malwarebytes automatically scans your device based on the following settings:
    • Scan frequency: Chooses whether scans occur daily or weekly.
    • The days of the week: If Scan frequency is set to Weekly, this option allows you to select which day(s) a scan occurs on.
    • Time: Allows you to select the exact time when a scan begins. If scans are scheduled to run on multiple days, all cans occur at the same time of day.
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If Scheduled scans is unchecked, non-scheduled scans still occur at an on-demand basis.

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