The Privacy audit screen in Malwarebytes for Android and Chromebook helps you maintain a more secure environment on your device. To view this screen, tap the Menu icon in the top-left corner of the app, then tap Privacy audit. When you load this screen, all of your device’s apps are scanned with regard to privacy settings. When the scan completes, you see a breakdown of how your privacy may be effected by each installed app. Categories listed below do not indicate what permissions have been given, only what the app is capable of performing.

Categories which may appear on the Privacy audit results are:

  • have network access: These apps can access the Internet.
  • can read your personal info: These apps can access your contacts, phone number and web history.
  • can access storage: These apps can read and write files from your phone’s memory.
  • can publish shortcuts to the main screen: These apps can automatically create shortcuts on the main screen, a tactic often used by aggressive ad networks.
  • can download files silently: These apps can download files without notification.
  • can block screen: These apps can “steal your screen,” taking control of your phone away from you.
  • can cost you money: These apps can send SMS messages and make calls.
  • can make calls: These apps can make calls without user confirmation.
  • can track location: These apps can access your location.
  • can access secure settings: These apps can change your PINs and lock patterns.
  • can access calendar: These apps can access your calendar.
  • can be Device Administrator: These apps can be Device Administrator.
  • uses accessibility service: These apps can see your activities.
  • can monitor calls: These apps can record your calls.
  • can access text messages: These apps can read your text messages.
  • can access accounts: These apps can access your added system accounts. These accounts include (but are not limited to) your Google account.
  • can control hardware: These apps can access your hardware, including (but not limited to) camera and NFC adapters.
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Tap an any category with apps listed to find out which apps are part of the list. Tap on any app for more information about the app and the resources it uses.

Source : Official Malwarebytes Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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