Malwarebytes for Android and Chrome OS has many features to customize your protection. The Other settings contains miscellaneous settings primarily related to database updates and user notifications. To view this screen in the Malwarebytes app, tap the Menu icon at the top-left corner, then tap Settings, then Other. This article describes each setting found on this screen.

Memory Caching

This setting is enabled by default, and allows Malwarebytes to use additional system resources to increase performance. Disabling this setting reduces memory usage of the program, but results in longer scan times.

Database Updates

These settings determine how and when your device receives updates. A description of each setting is as follows:

  • Auto updates enabled: Determines whether your device receives threat protection updates automatically. If this setting is disabled, the setting for Update frequency is also disabled. We recommend keeping this setting enabled to keep your device protected.
  • Auto update over Wi-Fi: Allows you to specify whether you receive protection updates using Wi-Fi networks only, or using cellular data. Enabling this setting allows you to conserve your cellular data.
  • Update frequency: The interval between checks for protection updates. You can choose an interval of 1, 3, or 6 hours between checks. This setting is disabled if Auto updates enabled has been turned off.
  • Force update: This message displays when the database last updated. The date and time of the most recent update check is shown here whether you actually download a database update. If your signature is already current, there is no need to update again. You can tap this item to force Malwarebytes to check for updates.
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