The Malwarebytes application on the Google Play Store can be downloaded on Android devices and devices running the Chrome OS, such as Google Chromebook. Malwarebytes on Chromebook devices has minor differences with the version on Android devices. This article details those differences, and which Chrome OS devices support Malwarebytes.

Chrome OS devices which support Malwarebytes

Chrome OS devices fall into two categories: those that support Google Play and those that do not.

Devices which support Google Play

These devices can download and run Android apps, including Malwarebytes, from the Google Play Store. See Google’s support article Install Android apps on your Chromebook to learn which Chrome OS devices support Google Play.

Devices which do not support Google Play

These devices cannot download Malwarebytes, but can install our Chrome browser extension beta. Chrome OS devices without Google Play cannot be infected by malicious applications, but can be protected against malicious sites by the extension. See the Chrome Browser Extension for Chrome Beta forum post for more information.

Differences between Malwarebytes on Android and Chrome OS

Malwarebytes on Chrome OS devices features larger font size and scaling than the Android version. Features relating to making and receiving phone calls are not supported on current Chrome OS devices. Due to restrictions on Chrome OS, Safe Browsing Scanner does not work with the Chrome browser. Download the Chrome browser extension beta to stay protected while browsing online.

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