For definitions of dates and impact to support, refer to the Malwarebytes Product Lifecycle policy.

Version Status GA Date End of Sale End of Maintenance End of Life
2.1.2 Active 03-May-2017 01-Sep-2018 01-Sep-2018 01-Mar-2019
2.1.1 Legacy 28-Nov-2016 03-May-2017 03-May-2017 03-Nov-2017
2.1 Legacy 22-Jul-2016 28-Nov-2016 08-Dec-2016† 08-Jun-2017†
2.0.5 Legacy 03-May-2016 22-Jul-2016 08-Dec-2016† 08-Jun-2017†
2.0.4 Legacy 30-Mar-2016 03-May-2016 08-Dec-2016† 08-Jun-2017† Legacy 14-Dec-2015 30-Mar-2016 08-Dec-2016† 08-Jun-2017† Legacy 18-Nov-2015 14-Dec-2015 08-Dec-2016† 08-Jun-2017†
1.05.0 Legacy 21-Oct-2014 18-Nov-2015 08-Dec-2016† 08-Jun-2017†
1.04.3 Legacy 25-Aug-2014 21-Oct-2014 08-Dec-2016† 08-Jun-2017†
1.04.1 Legacy 21-May-2014 25-Aug-2014 08-Dec-2016† 08-Jun-2017†
1.04 Legacy 05-May-2014 21-May-2014 08-Dec-2016† 08-Jun-2017†

* The Lifecycle Milestone dates shown for this product/version have been communicated publicly by Malwarebytes prior to the Lifecycle Policy effective date. The originally communicated dates will continue to be honored. If the product/version has already reached its End of Life Date, it is considered “Legacy” and is no longer supported or maintained.

† The End of Maintenance and End of Life Milestone dates for this product/version were not communicated publicly prior to the Lifecycle Policy effective date. End of Maintenance for this version will coincide with the Effective Date of the Lifecycle Policy. End of Life will be exactly 6 months from the End of Maintenance Date for Home applications, and 12 months from the End of Maintenance Date for Business and Technician applications.

‡ Malwarebytes for Windows 3.5.1 will be the last version available to users on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. There will be no updates for these operating systems, this includes additional product enhancements or features. In order to get access to any protection updates utilizing updated detection technologies or techniques in newer versions, users will need to upgrade to a newer operating system.

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Please note, we do not intend to declare End of Maintenance of v3.5.1 immediately upon the release of the next version, but will make such declaration at a later date. We may release bug fixes, stability improvements, and other upgrades for the XP and Vista platforms on an as needed basis. Users on these operating systems will continue to receive any available protection updates that are supported in v3.5.1 until its respective End of Maintenance date.

Source : Official Malwarebytes Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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