New features

  • Added new Layer3 mitigations for IE, Java and Office.
  • Added default protection for more popular browsers.
  • Added Chromium-based browser application family.
  • Added new alert window with exploit details.
  • Added protection traybar tooltip notification.
  • Added advanced configuration of mitigations per family.
  • Added configuration for general settings.
  • Added browse button when adding custom shields.
  • Added new mechanism to reduce known false positives.
  • Added anonymous submission of blocked exploits.
  • Added confirmation window for file-format exploit submissions.
  • Added Premium notifications in Free/Trial builds.


  • Improved upgrade process to maintain existing custom shields.
  • Improved visibility in GUI of Management Console exclusions.
  • Improved error and crash reporting.
  • Improved missing GUI notification for guest user accounts.
  • Improved managed installation to avoid Start Menu folder creation.

Stability/ issues fixed

  • Fixed false positive with Word or Excel under certain conditions.
  • Fixed false positive with LoadLibrary exploit mitigation.
  • Fixed false positive with web-based Java applications.
  • Fixed bug with timestamp conversions.
  • Fixed bug which could cause protection to stop during startup.
  • Fixed bug whereby LUA could start/stop protection.

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