Migration guides

If you’re considering moving to Defender for Endpoint, we have guidance to help. In the following table, review the scenarios. Select the scenario that best represents your situation, and see the recommended guidance.

Scenario Guidance
You don’t have an endpoint protection solution in place yet, and you want to know more about Defender for Endpoint. You want to see how Defender for Endpoint works before rolling it out in your environment. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint evaluation lab
You already have Defender for Endpoint, and you want some help getting everything set up and configured. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint deployment guide
You’re planning to switch from a non-Microsoft endpoint protection solution to Defender for Endpoint, which includes Microsoft Defender Antivirus. You want to get an overview of the migration process and how to make the switch. Make the switch to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
You’ve already migrated or onboarded to Defender for Endpoint. You want some help with next steps, such as managing your security settings, configuring more features, or fine-tuning your security policies. Manage Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, post-migration

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