The License Owner section of ESET License Administrator, located at the top of the login page, contains the following:

License Key management

The Convert legacy license credentials (license Username and Password) dialog box


Access the ESET License Administrator (ELA) portal

1.When you purchase a business license, an ESET License Key will be sent to the email address given during the purchasing process.

2.In the ESET License Administrator (ELA) portal, enter the License Key from step 1 and click Manage license. A password configuration link will be sent to you via email.

 Note: If an email is not sent, the ELA portal will prompt you to enter a valid email address.

3.Use the password configuration link to set up an ELA portal password. If password setup is successful, you will receive a confirmation email.

4.To log in to the ELA portal, repeat step 2 and use the password created in step 3.

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