With app governance, you can quickly gain visibility and meaningful insights on your Microsoft 365 application ecosystem. You start from the app governance dashboard that provides a high-level overview of the alerts and apps in your tenant that require administrator attention.

With app governance visibility and insights, you can see:

  • A list of the OAuth-enabled apps that access Microsoft 365 data via Microsoft Graph APIs in your tenant.
  • A rich view on app activities so that you can react or respond to them.


Azure-only apps that are not granted permissions to access Microsoft 365 resources are not displayed in app governance.

See administrator roles for an overview of required administrator roles for visibility and insights.

With app governance, you can see:

  • A dashboard of all insights.
  • Data accessed by single and all apps with workload and user level insights.
  • App information and metadata, such as Graph API and legacy permissions, registration date, and certification.
  • Publisher information and metadata, such as name and verification status.
  • Usage of top resources (emails and files) across the tenant.
  • Insights on:
    • High-privileged apps.
    • Overprivileged apps.
    • High-usage apps.
    • Top consented users whose data a specific app can access.
    • Priority accounts who have data that a specific app can access.
  • A cumulative view of users accessing apps.
  • Alerts insights.
  • Policy list insights.
  • Alerts for OAuth apps generated in Defender for Cloud Apps, in the app governance portal.

You can also:

  • Drill down to a single app (app page) with all its associated insights.
  • Drill-down into top users by data, and priority accounts within a single app.

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