Applies to: Sophos Home 

This article lists the known issues spotted in the Sophos Home Premium software, as well as known interactions with third-party software.

Known issues with Sophos Home



Big Sur – M1 chipset known issues

General macOS related issues

Known issues with 3rd party products

mmhmm application will constantly trigger “camera is active” on macOS due to the application’s processes using the camera all the time (even when not in use by a specific application). Please refer to the vendor’s documentation for more details:

Maxthon browser
Maxthon browser displays garbled text on launch. This is related to an incompatibility issue, and the workaround can be found in the “Disabling a specific Protected application to allow the software to run” section of this article.

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Sandboxed browsers such as Chrome may get blocked by PrivGuard when launching or opening new links/windows. Workaround: users may create -at their own discretion- a local exclusion for “SbieSvc.exe” Sophos Home – Local exclusions

Scripts compiled to .exe’s using AutoIt are flagged by Sophos Home’s Machine learning feature.
The workaround is to allow and restore the applications as per: Excluding a file or application from Machine Learning detection.
Users may also ensure exclude an entire folder for where these applications are saved as per: Setting scan exceptions

Sage Accounting software
Updating Sage accounting software is prevented by Sophos Home’s Exploit Mitigation feature. The workaround is to temporarily disable Exploit Mitigation in your Sophos Home dashboard to allow the update to complete as outlined in Option 4 in Adding local exclusions/Allowing Installations and/or applications to run.

Enpass Password manager

Enpass password manager will be blocked by Sophos Home. To resolve this issue add a Web Exception for See “Website Exceptions” section in: https://support.home.sophos.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005499966-Setting-scan-exceptions

Sonos Speakers

The Sonos controller application is blocked by Sophos Home’s web protection feature. Until we have a permanent resolution, please do the following steps to resolve:
For Wireless Speakers, Add a Web Exception for the IP address of the speakers AND  See “Website Exclusions” in: https://support.home.sophos.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005499966-Setting-scan-exceptions
For a wired and wireless combo, it may be only necessary to add the IP of the Wired speaker AND

Launching Convene application from local HTML file is prevented by Sophos Home’s Exploit Mitigation feature. The workaround is to “allow application” from Sophos Home Dashboard OR add a local exclusion for the detection path to gain normal functionality as outlined in – Exploit exclusions (Windows – Local exclusions)

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Known Issues – Games

Allowing games to run along Sophos Home

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