Keystroke logging, often known as keyloggers or keyboard capturing is quite simply the hidden process of quietly capturing every keystroke typed into a keyboard and reporting it back to the keylogger developer. This is then analysed for passwords and personal information such as credit card details for the purpose of identity theft.

Keyloggers software often gets onto user computers through deceptive means, either it is disguised as a perfectly legitimate piece of software or gets onto the user’s computer without their knowledge from a virus infected file.

Having said that, keyloggers can be built into hardware – simple USB devices that sit between a keyboard cable and the computer can store everything that is typed in on the keyboard. If you enter any passwords onto public access computers, it is worth having a quick look at the keyboard connection to the computer to make sure no devices sit between the cable and port.

How to stay protected against Keyloggers

Using TotalAV Real Time Protection will prevent keyloggers from getting on your computer in the first place. Running regular Anti-virus scans, either manually or through a defined schedule, will ensure any keyloggers on your computer are stopped and removed.

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