With F-Secure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response, you can be prepared before data breaches happen and you are always ready to quickly analyze and respond to them.

Keeps your business safe by detecting all breaches fast

  • By detecting and stopping breaches fast, the solution helps you protect you business from interruptions and save your brand reputation.
  • Backed by F-Secure cyber security experts, the solution offers a fast response time and reliable support.
  • F-Secure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response integrates seamlessly with F-Secure Element Endpoint Protection.

Improves visibility into the security status of your IT environment

  • Detects the misuse of services and applications from their proper use based on behavioral events.
  • Provides more insights into potential breaches with context that goes beyond individual malware detections.
  • Application inventory improves the visibility into your IT environment’s security status.
  • Alerts help you to respond faster to identified threats.

We have you covered against breaches

  • The built-in automation and intelligence help you focus on real threats.
  • Alerts include appropriate response guidance to help you respond to breaches.
  • Get help from F-Secure cyber security experts when responding to breaches.
  • Ask F-Secure incident responders and forensics experts to handle the most complicated cases.

Incident management

  • View and manage incidents directly through the clear and simple dashboard.
  • Risk levels, confidence, and criticality scores help you to rank and sort the incidents.
  • Incidents are easy to review and quick to access.
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