F-Secure ID PROTECTION stores and protects your personal information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, and PIN codes.

The app gives you an easy way to make sure that the account credentials for your online services, as well as your credit card details and other important information, stay both safe and conveniently accessible.

The main benefits of the Vault feature are:

  • Password storage: Store all your passwords, login details, PIN codes, credit card details, and online banking credentials securely.
  • Create passwords: Generate stronger, unique passwords for all your services and accounts.
  • Password status: The app helps you to improve your passwords by grouping your passwords based on their quality.
  • Autofill: Get your passwords automatically entered on login pages in your web browser to make it easier and quicker to access your account (not available on iOS versions).
  • Sync: Synchronize your passwords securely across all your devices.

With ID PROTECTION, all the data is encrypted, and the only way to access it is with your master password. Not even F-Secure can access your data. Furthermore, the service is anonymous, which means that there is no way for anyone else to link you to your data. There is no web browser access to your data, so nobody can access it without stealing your device first.

F-Secure ID PROTECTION stores your personal data, such as usernames, passwords and credit card details on the computer or mobile device you use to run the app.

Your passwords are stored in encrypted format and nobody can access them unless they know your master password and get access to your device.

Discover More help  Interactive guidance (F-Secure)

You can sync your passwords across your devices. For security reasons, we do not provide access to the passwords through F-Secure servers. We recommend that you sync your passwords with another device running the ID PROTECTION app, just in case you lose or break your device. No matter what happens to one of your devices, sync ensures that you will always have access to your passwords on the other devices.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
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