• You need to convert your existing ESET-issued Username and Password to a License Key to use ESET Business Account (EBA)
  • You do not have your License Key


How does license conversion work?

Version 5 and earlier ESET business products use an ESET-issued Username and Password for activation. Version 6 and later business products use a License Key. If you recently upgraded to version 6 or 7, or do not have your License Key, you can use ESET Business Account to convert your existing Username and Password to a License Key. Converting your credentials will not affect your existing ESET products–both your Username/Password and License Key will remain valid.

Frequently asked questions:

  • If I convert my Username and Password to a License Key, do I need to upgrade my ESET products?
    No, your Username and Password will continue to function as normal in ESET products that use these credentials. If you renew your license and receive a new License Key, but your ESET products require a Username and Password, you can use ESET Business Account to convert the License Key to a Username and Password.
  • Do I need to convert my Username and Password into a different License Key for each ESET product that I use?
    No. After you receive your License Key, it can be used for all version 6 and later products purchased under the corresponding license.
  • If I convert my license, can I still use the username and password?


Follow the steps below to convert your existing Username and Password to a License Key:

  1. Locate the ESET-issued Username and Password you want to convert to a License Key. These credentials were sent to you in an email when you originally purchased your ESET product(s).
  2. Visit the ESET Business Account License converter. Type your Username and Password into the Username and Password fields, respectively, and then click Convert (To have your Username and Password resent, select the check box next to Resend license email with complete login credentials).
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Invalid credential information:

If you receive the notification “You have entered invalid license information”, we recommend that you recover your license information and verify that you are entering it correctly.

Figure 1-1
  1. Your new License Key will be provided in the following window. Additionally, if you selected to have your license information sent to you, you will receive an email from ESET containing your new License Key and a Password associated with your EBA login.
Figure 1-2

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