• You need to create a new Anti-Theft account and register your device on my.eset.com
  • You need to sign in to an existing Anti-Theft account and register your device on my.eset.com
SMS Features

To access features that use SMS services in ESET Mobile Security downloaded from Google Play, you need to install the ESET SMS Tool application. For more information, visit the ESET SMS tool documentation or our Knowledgebase article.


Getting started with ESET Mobile Security: Step 1 of 6

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  1. Activate premium features. Premium features must be activated before you can register your Android device on my.eset.com.
  2. Open ESET Mobile Security for Android.
  3. Tap Anti-Theft.
Figure 1-1
  1. Tap Enable.
Figure 1-2
  1. Enter your my.eset.com credentials and tap Sign in if you have an existing account or tap I don’t have an account if you do not have an existing my.eset.com account. If you have an existing account, skip to step 8.
Figure 1-3
  1. Type the email address and password for your my.eset.com account, confirm the password, tap I agree to ESET Terms & Conditions, and then tap Create.

Do not lose your my.eset.com password

Your my.eset.com password is a different password than your ESET Mobile Security password. You will need this password to sign in to your my.eset.com account and reset your ESET Mobile Security password if your device is locked.

Figure 1-4
  1. Verify your new account by clicking the verification link sent to your email address. After verifying, tap Continue.
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Figure 1-5
  1. Tap Continue in the Allow access screen to permit settings for Find device locationAccess camera, and Read phone information. Note: Some phones may also ask you to allow access for Edit files.

    Permission settings for Android 6 (Marshmallow)

    If you receive the message “Screen overlay detected” after granting permissions in your ESET mobile product for Android, see our Knowledgebase article to resolve the issue.

Figure 1-6
  1. Tap Allow in the next three screens to continue.
Figure 1-7
  1. Tap Continue in the Screen overlay screen and then tap the slider bar next to Permit drawing over other apps to enable it.
Figure 1-8
  1. Tap Continue to permit Usage Access permission.
Figure 1-9
  1. Tap ESET Mobile Security to turn on Apps with usage access.
Figure 1-10
  1. Tap Continue to permit Notification Access permission.
Figure 1-11
  1. Tap ESET Mobile Security to turn on Do Not Disturb access and then tap Allow.
Figure 1-12
  1. Tap Continue to permit Enable uninstall permission.
Figure 1-13
  1. Tap Activate this device administrator to allow ESET Mobile Security to act as a device administrator.
Figure 1-14
  1. Enter a PIN to protect important settings in ESET Mobile Security, tap the check mark to create it, and then confirm your PIN.
Figure 1-15
  1. Devices with SIM cards: Tap Trust to Trust this SIM card. Otherwise, tap Skip.
    Devices without SIM cards: Skip to step 20.
Figure 1-16
  1. ESET Mobile Security 6.x users: To enable the trusted SIM card functionality, tap Trust. ESET creates a unique identifier on your SIM card and in your contacts.
    ESET Mobile Security 5.4 and earlier users: You will not get a unique identifier and have to add a trusted contact. To add a trusted contact, enter the Name and Phone number of the contact and tap Save. Otherwise, tap Skip. You can then send your trusted contact an SMS message with instructions on how to use SMS commands, tap Send. Otherwise, tap Don’t Send (see screenshot).
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Figure 1-17
  1. Your device has been fully optimized for Anti-Theft.
Figure 1-18

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