• Allow or prevent certain users from accessing important settings in your ESET product

Privileged users

The Privileged users list is similar to password protection: removing a user from this list will deny them access to configuration settings in ESET Cyber Security or ESET Cyber Security Pro.


Privileged users in ESET Cyber Security or ESET Cyber Security Pro are users with permission to modify the program’s settings. The Privileged users setting keeps unauthorized users from changing the configuration and maintains maximum protection, in accordance with your settings. You can set Privileged users during installation or add them later in the program settings.


  1. Open ESET Cyber Security or ESET Cyber Security Pro. How do I open my ESET product?
  2. Click the Protection status icon → Preferences.

    Figure 1-1
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  1. Click Privileges.

    Figure 1-2

  2. Select the users you want to add/remove from the Users or Privileged Users list. Select the user and click Add to add them to the Privileged Users list on the right (select the user in the Privileged Users list and click Remove to remove them). Close the Privileges window to return to the main program window.

    Figure 1-3

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