• Check that you are using the latest versions of ESET PROTECT, ESET Security Management Center, ESET Remote Administrator, ESET Mail/File/Server Security and ESET endpoint products (ESET Endpoint Security, ESET Endpoint Antivirus, etc.)


Latest version of:

ESET Security  Management Center 7.x
ESET Remote Administrator 6.x
ESET Endpoint Security 8.x
ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8.x

Check which component versions you are using in ESET PROTECT / ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator

Check your product version for ESET Endpoint Security/Antivirus for Windows

Latest version of:

ESET Endpoint Security 8.x 8.1.2031.0 ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8.x 8.1.2031.0
ESET Endpoint Security 7.x 7.3.2044.0 ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.x 7.3.2044.0
  1. Open the main program window of your Windows ESET product.
  2. Click Update.
Figure 1-1
  1. The product version will be displayed next to Current version.
Figure 1-2

Check the latest versions of your client workstations in ERA 5.x

ESET business product no longer supported

This article applies to an ESET product version that is currently in End of Life status and is no longer supported. The content in this article is no longer updated.

Discover More help  [KB3471] How do I remove Rovnix (Rovnix.A) trojan? (ESET)

For a complete list of supported products and support level definitions, review the ESET End of Life policy for business products.

Upgrade ESET business products.

Latest version of: ESET Endpoint Security 5.x for Windows: 5.0.2272.7 | ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5.x for Windows: 5.0.2272.7

  1. Open the ESET Remote Administrator Console by clicking Start → All Programs → ESET → ESET Remote Administrator Console → ESET Remote Administrator Console.
  2. In the Clients tab, verify the version number installed on a client workstation by looking at the information in the Product Version column.

    Figure 2-1
    Click the image to view larger in new window

  3. If a client workstation does not have the latest version installed, see the following Knowledgebase article for instructions on upgrading a client workstation:
    • How do I use ESET Remote Administrator to upgrade ESET products on client workstations?

Check your ESET Mail/File/Server Security product version

The latest version of ESET Mail/File/Server Security for Microsoft Exchange Server:

  1. Open the main program window by double-clicking the ESET icon   in your Windows notification area.
Figure 3-1
  1. Your product version will display next to Product version.
Figure 3-2
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