Instructions on how to manage the F-Secure Computer Protection for Mac software using the Kaseya portal.

To manually install the Kaseya agent to a remote computer:

  1. Log in to the Kaseya portal.
  2. Select Agent > Packages > Manage Packages to download the agent package.

    Note: The full filename for a Macintosh agent install package is KcsSetup.app. The package is downloaded as a KcsSetup.zip file that contains the KcsSetup.app inside a folder called Agent.

  3. Select the KcsSetup.zip file to expand it, select the Agent folder, and then the KcsSetup.app file to execute it.
  4. To install the F-Secure Computer Protection for Mac software, upload an offline PKG package (with the embedded license key in the file name) and create agent procedures to install the app in the remote device. Do the following:
    1. Upload the PKG file by navigating to the Agent Procedure module.
    2. Select Schedule / Create > Manage Files
    3. Upload the file on the server.
    4. To create new agent procedures, select Agent Procedures > Schedule/Create > New Procedure.

      Note: Kaseya provides limited agent procedure modules for OS X.

    5. To execute or schedule an agent procedure, select the newly created agent procedure from the list of the agent procedures. Then, select the target devices to “Schedule Agent Procedures”/” Run Now”.

    Note: Only the files stored on the server can be sent to the agents via scripts.

Note: You can use the writeFile module to write the PKG file to a location in the remote machine. To install the package, use the installPKG module. For example:

writeFile(“F-Secure_PSB_Mac_Installer[License key].pkg”, “/tmp/ ​F-
​Secure_PSB_Mac_Installer[License key].pkg”, “Mac OS X”, “Halt on Fail”)
​​installPKG (“/tmp/ F-Secure_PSB_Mac_Installer[License key].pkg”, “Mac OS X”, “Halt on Fail”)

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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