Information about the components that you can use to install and manage F-Secure Computer Protection for Windows using the Datto platform.

The Datto’s online components repository (ComStore) contains the following F-Secure components:

Deploy F-Secure Computer Protection [WIN]
Use this scripting component to install F-Secure Computer Protection on target computers. You need provide a valid license keycode and choose the correct region from the list when you run it.
F-Secure Computer Protection Tasks [WIN]
Use this scripting component to run tasks on endpoints that have F-Secure Computer Protection installed. Available tasks include a full computer scan and installing security updates (critical, important, or all updates).
F-Secure Computer Protection Monitor [WIN]
Use this monitoring component to check the current status. You can check whether F-Secure Computer Protection is installed, the current license status, statuses of different protection components, antivirus definitions age, and any missing critical updates. You can turn each check either on or off.

For more details of all the components, see their descriptions in the Datto RMM management portal. Every configuration variable includes a help text.

Latest versions of these components are also available from the following link: https://download.sp.f-secure.com/PSB/RMM/Datto/Components_For_Datto_RMM.zip

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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