Instructions on how to install the product on Citrix servers using a golden image.

  • The F-Secure Elements Endpoint Protection network installer file that you can download through the portal.

    Note: The installer file has a different name depending on to which F-Secure Elements EPP portal you log in. It can be, for example, PSBInstaller-PSB1.exe or PSBInstaller-psb-smi-eu.exe.

    Note: If you want to use the MSI offline installer, you can use it with the UNIQUE_SIGNUP_ID=smbios parameter. For more information, see Command-line parameters and MSI properties.

  • The subscription key for the target company where the image is going to be used.
  • The fs_oneclient_logout tool which you can find in F-Secure Help Center or download directly from here.

Note: The instructions apply also to Computer Protection installations.

The computer System Management BIOS Globally Unique Identifier (SMBIOS GUID) detects if the device is the same device that was used for the previous product installation. Solution is behind a special flag as there are lot cases in the world where the SMBIOS GUID of multiple computers has been the same.

To prepare a Citrix golden image:

    1. Download the network installer.exe file to the running golden image template.
    2. Open the command prompt with administrator privileges.
    3. Enter the following command in the command prompt to run the tool:

<tool_folder>\installer.exe –use_smbios_guid

Note: You can also use other command line parameters that you can find in Command-line parameters and MSI properties.

  1. Enter the subscription key, if you did not specified it yet.
  2. Make sure that the device shows correctly in the portal.

    Note: The device is used only for creating the image. You can delete it once the image is ready.

  3. Wait until the product downloads and installs all latest components and databases.
  4. Copy the fs_oneclient_logout tool to the location where you can run it as a post-installation operation on the deployed server.
  5. Create the golden image template.
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Make sure to run the following post-installation command on the deployed server once the server has restarted and it has a network connection:<tool_folder>\fs_oneclient_logout.exe –keycode <subscription-key>

Note: This subscription key must be the same as you used when you installed the product for the image. We do not allow switching subscriptions with this installation method due to security reasons.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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