This topic explains about ID PROTECTION if you already have a My F-Secure account for SAFE.

Due to technical reasons, this is not possible. If you have already a My F-Secure account for SAFE, this account is not compatible with ID PROTECTION.

This means that for ID PROTECTION, you must create a completely new My F-Secure account with a different email address. You will then have two separate My F-Secure accounts: one for SAFE and one for ID PROTECTION.

ID PROTECTION bought from retail stores

If you buy an F-Secure ID PROTECTION box from an F-Secure reseller, the box includes a code that you redeem to activate the product.

Important: This code needs to be entered into your My F-Secure account for ID PROTECTION, and not entered into your My F-Secure account for SAFE.

If you have already inserted the code from the ID PROTECTION box into your My F-Secure SAFE account, please contact Customer Support, who can help you with your SAFE subscription.

Source : Official F-Secure Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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