• To install a subscription-based anti-virus purchased via the Dr.Web eStore, you don’t need a key file or a serial number—you just need the installation file.

    • Save the downloaded file, without changing its name, to the subscription-based anti-virus.

      The name contains an encoded link to the configuration file. If the package is saved with a different name, the anti-virus—without the configuration file—won’t find your data or the subscription server and will ask you for your license information.

      If you save the installation package on your device with the long name and use the standard installation for .apk files, the configuration needed to connect to the server will be received automatically during the installation process.

      If, while downloading the installation file, you nonetheless changed its name, remove the application you installed and download the apk file again.

    • If necessary , you can connect to the server by specifying the configuration file. Open Help to read the instructions on subscribing to the anti-virus service using a configuration file (see the “Subscribing with a configuration file” section). Contact Doctor Web’s technical support service to get a configuration file.

      A serial number or a key file are not required in this situation either.

Source : Official Dr.Web Brand
Editor by : BEST Antivirus KBS Team

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