This article contains instructions to remove Trend Micro Security from your Windows computer.

  1. On your keyboard, press Windows  + R keys at the same time to open the Run window.
  2. Type supporttool.exe, then click OK.
  3. When the User Account Control window appears, click Yes. This will open the Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit.
  4. Select the (C) Uninstall tab, then click 1. Uninstall Software.
  5. Click Yes, then copy your serial number.
  6. Put a check on I copied my serial number, then click Uninstall.
  7. Click Yes when asked to restart your computer.

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I am uninstalling a different Trend Micro product

Visit our Business Support Portal for other removal instructions.

I cannot uninstall an older Trend Micro program

You need to remove Old Trend Micro Remnants.

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