The new McAfee Security apps are our privacy and identity protection products that provide always-on and up-to-date protection for your personal data and privacy.

Errors that you might see while setting up or using Identity Monitoring are shown below.

If you see any of these errors, use the simple troubleshooting steps in the table below:

Error code Troubleshooting steps
400 The email address that you have typed is incorrect, or is not in the correct format. Verify that you have entered a valid email address, and try again.
401 The ‘signed-in’ duration in the app has expired. This error occurs rarely but, if you see it, follow these steps:

  1. Close the app (or force-close the app if you are on your mobile device).
  2. Wait a short time.
  3. Open the app and sign in when prompted.
  4. Retry the actions that you were previously taking.

If you still see the error after performing these steps, contact Customer Service.

403 The number of email addresses that you included for monitoring exceeds the eligible limit. Remove one or more email addresses from the list that you don’t want monitored.
409 An asset (email address or other details) has been entered, but it is already being monitored. Verify the entry and try again.
500 You aren’t able to resolve 500 errors. If you see this error, contact Customer Service.

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