This article will help you to reinstall G DATA Mobile Internet Security on your Android device (such as your phone or tablet).

Step 1. You will first have to remove the program from your Android device.

The following article will guide you through the removal process:

How to remove G DATA Mobile Internet Security

Step 2. You can now reinstall the software.

The process depends on whether you have purchased it from the Google Play Store or from G DATA’s official website.

A. If you have purchased it from he Google Play Store, make sure that your device is linked to the Google Account you made the purchase from. This can be checked in Settings > Accounts > Google.

Now simply open the Play Store and search for “G DATA INTERNET SECURITY”. Instead of the option to purchase it, you will be offered to install it.

  1. If instead you have purchased the software fromG DATA’s official website, refer to this article:

How to install and activate G DATA Mobile Internet Security

Source : Official G Data Brand
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