This article describes the monitoring notifications and alerts that you might receive when using McAfee Identity Protection Service. These alerts are sent to your registered email address and phone number.
Monitoring alerts are sent to:

  • Add an email address or phone number that you want to monitor.
  • Notify that a breach has been identified and you might need to take action.
  • Notify about any critical account changes or security alerts.

NOTE: When you enable text alert, standard data rates might apply, depending on the country where you live.

Choose one of the following options:

By default, you will receive emails to your registered email address when a breach occurs. These emails are sent from [email protected].
You can’t reply to this email. If you want to know more information about the email, contact Customer Support.

  • If you receive any suspicious emails that claim to be from McAfee or about your identity being breached, contact Customer Support.

The text alerts will be sent by the Identity Protection Service feature only when it is enabled. To set up text alerts:

  1. Go to protection.mcafee.com. 
  2. Click Settings, Account.
  3. Enter your phone number. Select your country code from the drop-down list.
    You will receive a six-digit One Time Password (OTP).
  4. Enter this code that you received via text message or SMS.


  • When you enable text alerts, standard data rates might apply, depending on the country where you live.

  • Email alerts: By default, you receive emails related to Identity monitoring to your registered email address. The only way to stop these alerts is to remove email from the Identity monitoring.
  • Text or SMS alerts: If you want to disable text alerts, reply STOP to any text that you receive from McAfee Identity Protection Service. If you have disabled text alerts and want to opt in for the service, reply IN to any text that you receive or previously received from the Identity Protection Service.
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If you still get email or text alerts related to Identity Monitoring, contact Customer Support

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